Monday, April 21, 2008

The importance of decluttering

It's spring time and if you're like me, I feel an urge to get ride of a lot of "stuff". I want to clean my closets, rearrange the house and work in my garden all while spending time working and taking care of my family. How can I do it all? Where do I start? My house or my family?

I have found that when my house is not in order, my life tends to follow suit and vice versa. Whenever my work desk is overflowing with piles of papers that were supposed to be put away a month ago, my focus is not as sharp. But I feel like I don't have the time to do it all.

These are a few reasons that I think that decluttering is really important. It not only affects the way the house looks but how you feel as a person. Your level of energy and focus become depleted because of clutter.

So you might be wondering, what does this have to do with relationships? Well, relationships need to be tended to just like our house. If there is too much clutter, we can't see where we are going and often times feel overwhelmed. It is more difficult to be focused when everything needs some attention. As individuals, we need to feel safe in our homes and in our relationships. So where to start?

1.Start with a list. What is it that really needs to be done? Work in zones or in areas, whether it is in the home or with your relationship.

2.Arrange your list in a way that the things that would make the most change for you now are put first. Why? Because you are more likely to do those first.

3.Choose between two and three things on that list that you would like to work on for the next four to six weeks. Then break them down into smaller steps.

4.Start planning on when to do these steps and follow through. As you start seeing changes, see if there isn’t anything else on our list that you could add that would help you to “declutter” your life.

5.Acknowledge and celebrate your successes. If you don’t, what’s the point of doing this right?

Following these few steps will get you started to feeling a bit less cluttered. When everything finds its place in your house and in your life, life starts to feel a little more breezy. Have a great day.

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