Sunday, June 15, 2008

Why is it that my daddy doesn't love me?

It's Father's Day and I'm really excited to see my daddy.
We're going to have dinner together, just him and me. It's Father's Day.
I made him a really special card with lots and lots of hearts
to show just how much I love my daddy.
He's my hero.
I've got my special dress so that I will look pretty just for him.
It's a really special day.
Mommy's bringing me to daddy's place-
he' too busy to come and pick me up.
I have his card and even a little bag of M & M's for him.
I hope he likes them.
I see my daddy.
I run up to him and give him a big hug
and wish him Happy Father's Day.
I ask him if we are going to have dinner together.
He says no.
He's too busy.
And it's not our weekend.
I look at mommy and my heart is broken.
I just want to go home mommy.
As we go back, I tell my mommy that daddies don't love little girls,
only little boys.
Mommy tells me to take a nap and all will be better.
When I wake up, I'm really sad
because it's still Father's Day.
Why doesn't my daddy love me?
What did I do?
Is it because I'm a little girl?
Does he love someone else better than me?
I wish I was a little boy
then maybe my daddy would love me.
A sad little girl on Father's Day, 5 years old.

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  1. so so so so true, i am in the same position so i sent this email to my babies dad.