Thursday, September 18, 2008

Come and visit this new blog

Hi there

I wanted to share with you this blog that I received from ReMarriage Magazine. It's really great quick to read. If you have not yet gotten your subscription to this great magazine, I recommend that you go to and check it out.

Also, I hope that you did something special for National Stepfamily Day. For us, we just took time to appreciate where we came from and where we are at. Our children are all grown up now and starting families of their own. I feel really blessed that our kids are happy and content.

I guess we have to congratulate ourselves in this. It's easy to take the credit when everything goes well but we also can see where we could have done better. Bottom line here is that we recognize our children for wanting to make the choices they did and we support them. As a stepmom, I saw my role as a mentor rather than their mother. I knew they had one, whether I approved of what she did or not. Giving everyone the freedom to choose their own road was the best thing we did.

So to acknowledge my husband and I on our stepfamily's success, we took the time to thank each other and appreciate where we are in life.

On this, have a great day and enjoy your families.


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