Thursday, October 30, 2008

Clarity of Distance

Have you ever done a number or word puzzle, working at getting the "details" in, and finding yourself stuck? Your spending a lot of time looking for the answers but you just can't seem to find them.

What happens though when you walk away from the puzzle and come back later to continue? Often times, you find the key number or word that will make the whole problem just fall into place. That's clarity of distance.

We tend to focus too much on the details of the individual problem to try to make the whole thing work. But taking a break from trying to solve a problem or issue can generate a new perspective that you didn't see before. That is the advantage of clarity of distance.

Clarity of distance is to put some distance between you and the situation/ issue so that you can have a better view of what is really going on. You know that saying that you cannot see the forest for all the trees? Same is true when trying to solve a problem.

So whenever a problem seems unsolvable, remember a time when you simply took a break, got up and did something different, created some distance between you and the problem, then came back to find that the solution was staring you in the face all this time.

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