Monday, October 20, 2008

The magic of perspective

I love doing teleseminars. I love it even more when it helps someone feel as if they can do something positive to make a difference in their lives. It doesn't take much to chance how your life goes. It's all a matter of perspective.

Let's say that you see yourself in a very negative way. You will walk around and attract very negative things in your life. Now what if you decided to put those negative thoughts aside and focused on what was positive. All of a sudden, you start to walk straighter, you feel more energetic, you even have a smile on your face. And to top it off, people are giving you compliments about how you look.

That is what changing your perspective can do for you. I see it especially with stepmoms. If you stop seeing yourself as someone who needs to do a job that you are not sure you want to do, because of a lot of negative connotations associated with, you will feel really down about doing that job. Stepmom roles are not often seen as positive. It is often see as being mean and to some extreme, abusive. Media does a very poor job of promoting positive images for stepfamilies.

But what if you decided to see yourself as a mentor or a bonus mom? Doesn't that change your perspective on how to deal with your stepchildren? Doesn't it inspire you to approach your stepchildren in a totally different way?

Try it and see what happens. You may just be suprise at how just changing one thing can make a world of difference. It has for one mom tonight. I am so glad for teleseminars. Good luck.

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